Wooden Flooring: A Complete Guide For Home Improvement

Wood is the most multi-functional natural substance. It has been used as a premium home decoration material for ages. From furniture, floors, and windows, wood adds an aesthetic appearance to it. In the past, people mostly used wood for building luxury cottages and houses as it was cost-effective. Apart from that, wooden houses had many other goddesses attached to them. Consider visiting One Stop Flooring to browse the full range of wooden floorings at affordable prices.

But, nowadays, it is very costly to build wood houses and impractical as well. So, to give their house a touch of aesthetic and vintage feeling, many consider wood flooring. It is less pricey than building an entire wood house. 

What Are The Benefits Of Wooden Flooring? 

Besides adding warmth and style, there are some great benefits of wooden flooring. Let us see five benefits: 

A Timeless Piece Of Home Furnishing

Wood will never go out of fashion unlike the carpets or tile patterns used for flooring. It has a significant character that instantly enhances the appearance of your home. 

  • Durable

Wood flooring (ไม้ พื้น, which is the term in Thai) is highly durable and has higher resistance. Being a natural product, it is also very energy-efficient and holds warmth in the colder months. Though the initial cost of wooden flooring is a bit higher, it is far more durable than a carpet or linoleum. It does not need frequent replacement and can last you a lifetime.  

  • Easy Maintenance

Wooden flooring is low-maintenance and hygienic than a carpeted area. It is easier to clean the floor with woods and prevents harboring parasites or insects.  

  • Varied Option

There are many shades, patterns, and a wide range of wood options to choose from. Everyone can match up their preferences to upgrade their home.  

  • Wise Investment

There is a price bracket ranging from inexpensive wooden flooring to slightly pricier ones to choose from according to your budget.  

What Are The Important Things To Notice While Choosing Wooden Flooring?

More than choosing the color, the performance also depends on the right choice of wood flooring. Let’s take a look at the important factors to notice:

  • Examine your house floor and decide if you want solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. Research and know the difference.
  • Take a look at the different types of wood finishes available in the market and what suits your preference.
  • Choose the wood type and grain that you want. Moreover, determine the width of the wood plank.  
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