Voice Assistants: How Good Is the Google Assistant?

Google’s very own voice assistant the Google Assistant is available across all platforms. From the physical Google Home, to Google voice assistant for laptop and smartphones, and a Google Assistant that syncs with all your smart devices – anything from lights, to thermostats, and even smart kitchen appliances if so. Google Assistant helps with connecting everything to you via a connection to the internet, and just by voice command.

Smart assistants are popular for their versatility as they have the ability to connect with all sorts of smart devices, as well as carry out basic commands like internet searches, taking down personal reminders, etc. – all with simple voice commands. Smart assistants can connect to devices like smart thermostats, smoke detectors, and smart lights. They basically enable users with the functionality that they require of doing multiple things without having to lift a finger, simply through voice commands from where they sit or stand. 

With voice commands, users can instruct their voice assistants to do just about anything; for instance like turning off the lights, getting a weather update, or even looking up a recipe or checking for the traffic situation before you head out for work. They can bridge the gap between you and the other smart devices within your home, helping you communicate with them seamlessly.

Google has a wide variety of voice assistants built into their smart speakers, just as they are enabled on your laptop or smart devices through the Google application.

Google Voice Assistant Products That Are Widely Available and Used In the Market 

Here are 3 Google products that come installed with the Google Assistant:

  • Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker
  • Google Nest Hub Max
  • Google Nest Audio

What Can the Google Assistant Do?

Smart voice assistants, just like the Google Assistant by Google, in general have the capability to sync with other smart devices in your home and enable you to control them with your voice. Users simply need to connect their other devices to the voice assistant through an application on their smartphones.

Allow Multiple User Control

These smart voice assistants have the ability to personalize user experience, as they can be made to recognize the voices of multiple people living in the vicinity and provide tailored responses based on their previous search history. 

Thus, multiple users sharing a living space can easily have their own things like set personalized alarms, calendar reminders, and general control of everything else around the home. Smart speakers, and especially the Google Nest Mini for instance can support up to 6 users at a time. With the Google Nest Mini, this feature is described as the ‘voice match’ feature. 

Scheduling Of Other Smart Devices 

Since voice assistants and smart speakers can seamlessly sync with other smart devices, this feature is known as ‘routines’ on Google voice assistant devices. Through routines, users can customize different features of other devices in any way they want, such as creating a schedule for smart lights to turn off or a schedule for smart thermostats to follow in the hours you are away from home. 

Furthermore, the routines feature also enables users to sync and connect one smart device to the other. For example, if users connect their smart cameras with a smart bulb in certain rooms and configure the light bulb to light up as soon as the camera detects any motion in that area. This helps revolutionize how one single device can be used in multiple ways.

Play Music

Voice Assistants started off by coming installed in mobile phones, tablets and laptops. But they now come installed in smart speakers as well. This allows the user to utilize them for playing music and podcasts from various streaming services that your voice assistant is compatible with. 

Additionally, since voice assistants can sync with other devices, any smart device with a compatible speaker included in them can be connected to create a multi-audio system to play the music at the same time. For instance, if your smart bulbs have built in speakers, your voice assistant, and your smart bulb have the ability to play music at the same time. 


With smart devices collecting information 24/7, there are added security and privacy concerns by consumers especially when it comes to voice assistants. However, with Google devices, users can rest assure that their private information is in safe hands.

Google provides users with the ability to delete any and all audio recordings that the voice assistant has stored, both directly from the app or using the voice command directly. Additionally, Google devices can be muted whenever the users like by simply asking the device to mute itself, or using the button present on the device itself.

Using a voice assistant can be beneficial and makes life easier. Tasks that otherwise would take longer and a little more motivation to do can simply be carried out through easy voice commands directed at your own assistant. The versatility and flexibility that these devices provide have revolutionized the living experience in American households, whether it be smart doorbells, smart thermostats or smart smoke detectors. 

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