Popular Carpet Styles 2020

Carpets are making a comeback in 2020. They are here to stay because major interior decorators are highlighting the trend of carpeted floorings for office and home usage. Carpet manufacturers have renewed technologies and manufacturing processes to create carpets which are now softer, durable and have jaw dropping patterns. Cooler tones and brighter bolder colors are in trend and so are textured carpets.

Hang right in; we have compiled a list of carpet trends for 2020 with incredible design, texture and color ideas. If you don’t know much about carpets, you surely are unaware what limitless options you have in terms of décor. Here are some of the hottest trends:

  1. Waterproof Carpet

 For some of us, we don’t imagine these two coming together. Outdoor waterproof carpets have made a surge in the last few years but indoor ones are now making a boom. This means that these can now be used in any place indoors. They are waterproof to their deepest fiber and mold resistant.

  1. Sustainable Carpet

 For a majority of us millennials, we care about what difference we are making for the society and the ecosystem. We care about purchases we make and care about their origins too. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and use more recyclable and sustainable materials. Our floor coverings don’t lag behind in this passion. Another famous trend of 2020 is sustainable carpets which fulfill all requirements of the environment mentioned above.

  1. Recycled Carpets:  Going green or organic doesn’t mean that you are ripping yourself off of all favorable materials and are left choice less. This rather means that almost all recycled carpets are being made from reusable material especially recycled plastic soda bottles.

  1. Sisal Carpets:  Sisal carpets are another trend for 2020 that is embracedby the majority of homeowners. Being eco friendly they leave a minimum carbon footprint. . They are highly durable and last long in high traffic areas too.  For extra protection and stain resistance, it’s better to choose ones with stain or fire retardant coating.

  1. Jute Carpets

They are also plant based like sisal rugs and are a great indoor décor option. But these coverings require maintenance because they are highly water absorbent and have poor stain resistance.

  1. Cut and Loop Carpet

This technique combines the best of both worlds, creating patterns that are unique and stylish.  Not a good option for carpets though but these can be used as rugs to create statement pieces.

  1. Frieze Carpet

  They are popularly known as twist carpets because they are made by twisting the yarn many times making it look curly. This technique imparts them a soft plush feel favored by many.  These carpets are very popular in 2020 and seem that they will make a lasting impact.

  1. Carpet Tiles

 This technology has conquered the heart and mind of people worldwide with the flexibility and affordability they provide. Gone are the days when carpets were notorious for being bore and bulky and impossible to replace had they been damaged or stained beyond repair. Carpet tiles have changed that scenario now.  They come in an array of colors and textures and only your imagination is the limit. With an easy peel and stick option they can be fixed quite easily and are wonderfully practical for families and pets. One tile gets damaged, remove it and get it replaced. Many of these carpet tiles come with waterproof options making them ideal for water prone basements.

  1. Hand woven Carpets

  Many new homeowners have an inclination towards having custom made pieces that suit their identity, tastes and moods. They don’t want to be entrapped with store bought ones that don’t seem to exude any personal vibes. Here they embrace the option of handmade carpets that suit their taste and likings. Though it’s on a pricier side but long term investments always pay off.

Here we have summed up quite a few trends that have stayed in 2020 and have the potential of making their mark in the long run since consumers nowadays aren’t easy to convince and they are also spoilt for choice. So let’s see which of these trends survive the ever evolving interior fashion industry.

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