Packing Your Power Kite Correctly to prevent Line Tangles and Twisting

Packing and Storing Your Kite

Following a day’s power kiting, time inevitably arrives when you’ll have to finish flying and clean up to mind home. Many users have questions regarding the easiest method to roll-up the kite lines so they don’t tangle. Attempting to untangle just one, double, triple, or quad line kite is a huge discomfort and big time waster. If you don’t store your kite correctly, tangling more often than not occurs. So, in order to save yourself the irritation of knots, make time to follow these fundamental guidelines:

Begin With Untangled Lines

Should you place your kite away with entered lines, you’ve got no possibility of setting it up then back out again inside a ready-to-fly condition. Take time to lay the lines out straight before beginning to collect them up.

Stake Your Kite Handles and start in the Kite Side

For safety reasons, you should stake your kite down before beginning to roll-up your gear. In case your kite includes a brake line, make certain the brake is engaged. Start by folding your kite just like a blanket. Fold it right into a square shape which will squeeze into your storage bag. Make certain to tuck the bridles within the folds and allow the lines lead out with the center. Next, put the kite in to the bag, using the edges from the folds uncovered for the bag opening. This will help you to tuck the lines in during the next phase.

Arc The Lines and “Para Pack” them in to the Bag

Together with your kite within the bag and also the lines chilling out, go back to your staked handles and walk it well for the bag carrying out a gentle curved path. The lines will lay on the floor within an arc just like a rainbow, not folded back onto themselves inside a sharp way. Lightly achieve to your bag between two folded parts of kite and spread them open. This can produce a cave-like spot for your lines to visit. (It is crucial this space is freed from all of your bridle lines. You don’t want to tangle the bridle lines together with your flying lines!) Next, start to pull the lines give hands, putting them in to the cave-like cavity along the way. Come for the finish using the handles. When you are getting towards the handles, get them and them together. Put them to their own space within the kite folds. You don’t want to keep all of them with the lines or using the bridle lines it’ll cause tangles to happen. Zip your bag and you’re finished.

Unwinding Your Kite to Fly

For those who have adopted the technique described above to place away your kite lines, the easiest method to unfold your kite would be to begin by taking out the handles using their place within the bag and stake them lower. Using the bag opening pointing for the handles, start walking lower wind, simply letting the fly lines tumble out along the way. If you see some tangles or loops, move on the portion of the line which will expand the loop. In so doing, the tangle will instantly “drop out” and you may continue walking and unleashing the road. After you have unpacked everyone line, pull your kite from the bag, unfold it, and start flying as always.

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