Linen curtains – opt for the best window treatment

When building or renovating, window furnishings can be a hard one. Being the finishing touch to spaces they sometimes get pushed to the bottom of the list or get eaten up by the budget as the build progresses, which is a shame as they make such a huge impact to spaces

Things you need to know about Linen curtains

Linen curtains have always been a popular material for home furnishings that never seems to go out of style, quite possibly because of its many unique benefits.

What are the benefits of Linen curtains?

  1. Linen is a classic fabric for evoking comfort and luxury.
  2. This is especially the case with Linen curtains, which tend to drape beautifully. These curtains are an easy way to add a dash of fabulous when introducing them to a bedroom, lounge, or dining room.
  3. There is a crisp, clean appeal to Linen curtains, whether you go for a dyed fabric or the natural linen color.
  4. It makes a room appear a lot brighter while still offering privacy.
  5. The natural weave also lets in plenty of fresh air when you have the curtains closed but window open.
  6. During the winter months, Linen curtains also provide valuable insulation, helping to keep your heating bills down. It’s a good way to ‘go green around the home because it’s also a very eco-friendly fabric, and so long-lasting.
  7. Linen curtains are easy to take care of and can be either professionally dry-cleaned or washed in your own machine.
  8. It gains more character and becomes softer with every wash.

What are the varieties of Linen curtains?

Depending on the look, there is a variety of Linen curtain styles available that you’re going for in your home, and whether you want them to be more decorative or functional. Some of the most popular include:

  • Rod pocket Linen curtains

These curtains type have a casing sewn into the top of each curtain panel wide enough to slip over a slender pole.

  • Pencil pleat Linen curtains

Pencil pleat curtains are a good option for timeless elegance. The name comes from the tight bunching of the fabric at the top of the curtain when gathered along a pole or track.

  • Tab top Linen curtains

For any room, this type of linen curtain gives a wonderfully informal look to any room. Generous loops of fabric over the pole are easily gathered in, and tab top Linen curtains are also known to drape nicely and even.

What are the extra benefits of Linen curtains for the living room?

Energy efficiency with linen curtains

Living room curtains are very good in keeping the harsh sunlight out of your home. This helps to maintain cool interiors as well as protect your flooring, furniture, artifacts, accessories, etc. In winter Living room curtains also help retain the warmth of a room making the interiors comfortable. This makes Living room curtains an energy-efficient option that leads to considerable savings in energy costs.

Light Control with linen curtains

Living room curtains help in easy management of natural light coming into the house. For controlling the light that comes into your home, the choice of texture and fabric of curtains is also an important determinant. You can avoid bright glaring external lights and let mellow lights create their magic with the right kind of curtains.

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