Kitchen Improvement Tips: Top Five Must-Have Small Appliances

Appliances make life easier and more convenient. Having large and small appliances in the kitchen saves time and effort. It is crucial to have large appliances for a functional kitchen. These include refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens. Small appliances, although not very necessary, provide a diversity of convenience. There are so many small appliances available in the market today. The various products make deciding which ones to get very challenging for some. This guide lists the top five small appliances everybody must have in their kitchen.

Coffee maker

Almost every household has a coffee drinker. If there is none among the inhabitants, there are a couple or more among frequent visitors. This indispensable small appliance can jumpstart a boring day. Even offices and hotel rooms have a coffee maker. There are several types of coffee makers. The most common are percolators, French press, drip coffee makers, and espresso machines. Choosing which one to buy depends on the purpose and your preference.


Most recipes call for mixing sauces, juices, or soups. A lot of people get confused with food processors and blenders. A blender has a less powerful motor than a food processor. The blades are also less sharp. People often use a blender for ice and liquids. A food processor is better for more solid ones. There are five common types of blenders. These are hand mixer, stand mixer, countertop blender, commercial blender, and portable blender.


Some people consider a microwave as the entire kitchen experience. This small appliance heats food in less than half the time a conventional oven does. It is very easy to operate even for beginners and is quite durable. Most people prefer the countertop microwaves and built-in microwaves. These are easy to fit in the kitchen.

Rice cooker

A consistent result when cooking rice on a stove-top is almost next to impossible. A rice cooker helps make perfect rice with the push of a single button. Aside from the standard rice cooker, there is an improved version that lets you do a few more things. This includes settings for various types of rice. You can also opt for the multi-function rice cooker or the induction heat rice cooker.

Electric grill

Unlike before, electric grills of all types are now welcome in the kitchen. These are small appliances that are smoke-free and very easy to clean. A lot of people love food cooked on an electric grill. It provides food that is a lot healthier than pan-fried. Grilling plates of most electric grills are dishwasher-safe. The parts are removable to ease the cleaning up process.


Buying small appliances is now easier than before. There are many shops where you can buy small kitchen appliances online. These shops offer various payment and delivery options to make things more convenient.

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