How to Choose the Right Size Ceiling Light for the Living Room

You must choose the right ceiling lights for the living room to ensure it appears attractive. To choose the right size, you have to take into consideration the size of the area where you will install the lighting fixture. It is very crucial to choose the right size lighting fixture for the living room because an oversized fixture will make the room cluttered while an undersized fixture will just look awkward. If the living room lighting design is overpowering or underpowering, the overall appeal of the room will diminish. Hence, always install small lighting fixtures in small rooms and large lighting fixtures in large rooms.

How to choose the right size?

The first step while choosing the right ceiling lights for the living room is measuring the height of the room. This will help to understand the type of lighting fixture you can install. In rooms with higher ceilings, ceiling lights with a longer drop can be used like a pendant light or a chandelier. On the other hand, you should opt for shorter fixtures if the ceiling height is low.

Pendant light: Installing hanging ceiling lights is fine as long as the height of your ceiling is more than 2.4 m. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a chandelier instead of a pendant light as well. They are certainly trendy and help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. You will easily find them in many traditional and contemporary designs that will complement various types of home decor designs.

Semi-flush ceiling lights: If you want standard ceiling lights that do not hang very low, you should consider installing semi-flush ceiling lights. This type of lighting fixture is ideal for homes with a ceiling height between 2.4m to 2.1m height. Since they do not suspend as low as pendant lights and chandeliers, they do not appear too big for the room.

Flush ceiling light: If you have a very low ceiling (lower than 2.1 m) with suspended lights and any tall guest visits you, he or she might bump into them.  This is why you should choose flush ceiling lights for your living room lighting design. They have a very low projection from the ceiling and are available in various styles and designs. You can easily find one that will complement your interiors.

The lighting fixture’s diameter and height

To choose the right lighting fixture size, you have to follow a calculation.

Diameter: To determine the diameter of your ceiling light for the living room, you must first measure the width and length of the room and then add them. For instance, if the room is 3.0 m by 3.7 m, the sum will be 6.7 m. Now, multiply the sum by 7.5 and take the nearest round number. In this case, it will be 50.25 m. Swap the value from m to cm, i.e., 50.25 m becomes 50 cm. Hence, the diameter of your lighting fixture should be 50 cm.

If the light fixture is installed above a table, the diameter of the fixture should be half of the length of the table. Hence, a 160 cm long table requires a fixture of 80 cm. You can choose to install two lighting fixtures as well.


Besides the diameter of the lighting fixture, you need to take into consideration the height of the lighting fixture. For every 0.3 m of space between the floor and the ceiling, your lighting fixture should be 6 to 7 cm tall. You can always follow this formula to determine the height of the lighting fixture: If the floor to ceiling height is 2.4 m high, multiply the height by 6 and 7 per 0.3 m. (2.4/0.3) x 6 and (2.4/0.3) x 7 = 48 m to 56 m. Hence, 48 cm to 56 cm is the ideal range for the light fixture in your room. However, you must keep in mind that the calculations were made considering that the ceiling height is proportional to the room size. Rooms with low ceilings should opt for flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, and recessed lighting.

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