Common Things About Destin That You Should Know Before You Move


One of the most popular tourist spots is Destin, Florida. This place, located in the Gulf of Mexico is blessed with the serene beauty of nature. Surrounded by emerald green water, the place is covered with sugar-white beaches. Destin is also known as the worlds luckiest fishing village, and it is anyone’s guess why it got that name. 

The place was first inhabited by Leonard Destin who was a ship captain. His descendants had been fishing here for decades. This place has a scanty population of 14,000 natives but is very densely covered all around the calendar by tourists and visitors who want to spend quality time with their family away from the skulduggery of city life. 

Regardless of the fact that beaches and sea are the main tourist attraction of the place, Destin Florida boasts other fun attractions too. The place has some of the finest golf courses, theme parks and aquariums. You can satiate your spendthrift shopping freak by visiting the finest marketplaces wherefrom you can buy souvenirs for you and your family. 

The place is also home to many fun activities like parasailing, dolphin cruising, water sports, fishing, surfing and many other fun activities, some for children and some for adults only. This beautiful place is also home to many festivals which are an attraction to many people. Some of the most famous places are the big kahuna water park, crab island, harbour walk village, etc. 

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Basics to living in Destin, Florida

1 Unpredictable weather– it is not to anyone’s surprise that people love to stay in Destin. The weather is pleasant, warm and soothing. It takes the load off your shoulders. The relaxing breeze caresses your face on the beach and takes away with it all the tension that you hold on that grumpy face. However, don’t trust this weather. 

It can change at any instant. You never know when there is an invitation to a thunderstorm. These storms have a varied life, some don’t even last an hour and some others can go on for weeks and leave the town partially drowned in water. Regardless of rain or clear weather, one constant of Destin is the humidity of the place. 

2 Unpredictable traffic– the only thing that gives a neck-to-neck competition to the unpredictability of Destin’s weather is its traffic. The reason that can be assigned to this issue is the huge influx of tourists that this place witnesses. This small village town hosts a lot of tourists which is why the roads move very slow in this place. 

The only known road in the town is highway 98. No matter where you wish to go in the town, this road will be your route. The negative side of this fact is that if there is an issue on highway 98, the whole city gets packed with traffic. a drive of merely 5 minutes can comfortably take you 30 minutes. 

3 You might skip going to beaches– It becomes exciting when you visit a beach as a tourist in a long time. However, when you start to stay in such a place, then beaches become just another thing with nothing out of ordinary. Even though Destin Florida has some of the finest beaches in the world, you might not visit them often if you stay there.

This is because there are multiple other things from life that will have you occupied, the primary thing being work. in general, you may not visit or may not be able to visit these beaches as often as you imagined to. However, this should not disappoint you as you will stay close to a beach and have the liberty to go to a beach to relax as per your wish. 

4 Events in Destin– there is always something happening in Destin. fun events like farmers markets, music showcases, magic shows, art walks, cooking classes, etc. are always in the offing in Destin. The place is also a host of some of the top tier events which attract a crowd of thousands from all around the globe. 

As the name of the place goes, “world’s luckiest fishing village”, it has an overabundance of fish present for those who love fishing. Destin holds fishing tournaments every year. Destin fishing rodeo is a month-long tournament with prize money of $100,000. It is a perennial fishing fiesta that was started by local fishers but has compounded in size. 

The place also hosts seafood festivals that invite a fleet of guests flocking around food. Since fishing is loved in this place, seafood is bound to be great. Every year, a three-day food festival is organised. Initially organised to promote Destin, these events have become a major attraction for the location. 


Out of all beach places, Destin holds some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This makes this place a must-visit for everyone.

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